How is a Win Win Associateship different?

Most associateships are built around the old “time for money” model. A Win Win Associateship is designed to be a launching pad for associates to help as many people as they want, have as much fun as they want and make as much money as they want – in an associateship. Or, take the knowledge and skills they acquire and go do their own successful practice.

Think of a Win Win Associateship as a Post Doctorate Fellowship in Practice Success, but instead of paying for the training, you are paid, and paid well.

We believe every chiropractor needs to make great money.

In a Win Win Associateship you’re actually paid (and paid well) to go through special success training. Win Win Associatehips reward you for doing well and we teach you how to get into bonus quickly with first year pay being $80K-$100K. Senior associates can make $160K-$250K.

We believe every associate needs support and mentorship.

An Win Win Associateship is tremendous learning experience where you are supported; and by supported, I mean lead, taught, encouraged by your clinic director and other team members.

Your director and senior staff provide mentoring in every area of practice success and personal growth, with the goal of seeing you winning and excited about your success and progress.

Every chiropractor wants to help people, have fun and make great money in a Win Win relationship system where associates learn, grow and, if they chose, stay in a great associateship, or take their knowledge and skills and do their own practices.

Who’s offering Win Win Associateships?

Busy successful chiropractors who need the help of another chiropractor in pursuing their practice vision, mission and goals. Doctors who have taken special training in the Win Win Associates model and pledge a Win Win opportunity for their associates. Every kind of chiropractic practice and technique and all over the US and Canada.

We believe you need to have all your questions answered.

You’ve invested lots of time and money in your education and your doctor of chiropractic degree. You need to choose your associateship wisely. That’s why a short phone call, a zoom call or an office shadow is a good way to see if a the Win Win Associateship is right for you.